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Report: Poll Results Demonstrate The Difficult Task That Thomas Tuchel And New Board This Summer

Thomas Tuchel has stated that he will not be taking a vacation this summer due to the monumental task that awaits him.

The season is over, but the hard work for Tuchel and the incoming new board is just beginning. The club will begin a rebuilding process this summer, with many players potentially looking to leave Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel is aware that he will need to replace a number of players this summer, which creates a massive job over the next few months, one in which he will hopefully be heavily involved in making decisions.

And this poll below, or rather how to split it is in terms of the results, just goes to show what big decisions he and the rest of the decisions makers will have to make this summer.

Some of these in the thread below barely have anything between them. If Chelsea fans can’t even be in agreement about the players, how are the new board going to be?

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