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Cristiano Ronaldo And Pep Guardiola Can Silence Lionel Messi Taunts At Man City

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pep Guardiola would certainly seem an unlikely partnership.

One has made a career out of being so good that all managers have to make the team play to his strengths, and the other has made his career out of being so good that all players have to put their own egos aside for the good of the team.


It certainly took Sergio Aguero aback when Guardiola turned up at Manchester City and told him that his predatory goalscoring wasn’t enough for him to keep a place in the team, so you can imagine the scene if Cristiano Ronaldo carted all of his Ballon D’Ors to the Etihad only to be told he needs to learn to press like Gabriel Jesus does.

If a deal were to come off, and we remain very much in the conditional despite a lot of excitement on the continent on Thursday, it would not be a perfect solution by any means: one of the great individualistic players would not seamlessly slot into one of the most collective teams in world football.

What is often overlooked with Guardiola is the extent of his obsession with winning. The City boss may not pander to individuals but everything he does is geared towards the team winning every single football match that they play – with some pretty devastating success.


Ronaldo, too, would not be looking to move and risk the wrath of United supporters if he felt that Juventus could match his ambitions. For all that is said about his ego, he has shown that he is more interested in winning trophies than popularity contests.

Both men, while having to compromise a bit of themselves to work together, would enjoy what they got out of the relationship. Ronaldo has spent his career on a relentless mission to improve and could now be coached by one of the greatest teachers in the game, while the guarantee of goals that the 36-year-old would bring would make Guardiola purr; somebody who topped the Serie A and Euro 2020 scoring charts is hardly somebody that can be said to be slowing down.

Should the pair hit it off, they could both make progress towards getting a monkey bearing Lionel Messi’s name off of their collective backs too.

Ronaldo has constantly been put up against the former Barcelona superstar in endless debates about which of the two have achieved the most, while Guardiola – a firm Team Messi advocate – has been unable to shrug off the tedious taunts that he can’t win a Champions League without him in his side.

Making history at City, as well as earning personal satisfaction, sounds like a mighty attractive dream for Guardiola and Ronaldo to consider as transfer negotiations continue.

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