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Chelsea Loses Another Sponsor As Sanction Pressures Mount

Due to the fines against Roman Abramovich, Parimatch Tech has become the latest sponsor to pull out of their deal with Chelsea.

The announcement that the Russian’s assets were being frozen by the UK authorities due to his ties to Vladimir Putin prompted Three, the team’s main shirt sponsor, to pull out almost immediately.

It’s been a slow trickle since then, but the EU’s addition of its own sanctions to the list appears to have motivated this latest action.

Parimatch, which provides the LED screens around Stamford Bridge, has a three-year deal that expires in 18 months. According to their statement, they will now utilize those displays for a different purpose: “After assessing the issue, we have decided to halt any collaborative marketing and brand activities with the club displaying the Parimatch logo and brand.”

“We have agreed to utilize the LED display systems at Stamford Bridge only for the promotion of our volunteering and contribution efforts to help Ukraine, which Chelsea FC is supportive of, in collaboration with our licensed partner in the United Kingdom.”

They were founded in Kiev in 1994 and have been accordingly vocal in support of Ukraine, so perhaps it’s a surprise they’ve waited so long to make this move.


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